Short-term Japanese Language Program

Sunday October 28th, 2018

Continual Progress in Japanese in a Short Time

Two-week study program
Small class sizes of 3-12 students
Classes are divided by Japanese proficiency level

Authentic Japan Experience

Our program offers a deep insight into the language and culture.


2019 Course Dates *2-week courses may be extended by a week.
Winter Spring Summer Autumn
Regular courses 9 January –
23 January
20 March –
3 April
22 July –
5 August
9 October –
23 October
Extension 24 January –
30 January
4 April –
10 April
6 August –
12 August
24 October –
30 October


A Variety of Japanese Cultural Activities and Experiences
No. Time Activity No. Time Activity
1 Afternoon Onsen (Hot spring) Tour 8 Afternoon Noh
2 Afternoon Kikuchi Sightseeing 9 Afternoon Martial arts(Aikido, Judo, Karate)
3 All day Day trip 10 Afternoon Shodo (Japanese calligraphy)
4 Afternoon Wagashi (traditional sweets) making 11 Afternoon Ikebana (flower arrangement)

Company visit
5 Afternoon Kimono wearing 12 Afternoon/ Morning
6 Afternoon Traditional Japanese dance 13 Afternoon/ Morning Farming experience
7 Afternoon Traditional musical instruments (shamisen and koto) 14 Afternoon/ Morning School visit (primary / junior / high schools)
Other seasonal
Mochi rice-cake making, coming-of-age ceremony, cherry blossom viewing (Hanami), Kikuchi Gorge trip, fireworks, viewing of autumnal foliage, seasonal festivals, events held by Kikuchi City with the local residents.
AM Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Day trip to Aso, Hita or Oita Free time
PM Introduction to life in Kikuchi Cultural experiences and activities
AM Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Graduation ceremony &
farewell party
PM Cultural experiences and activities
Enrollment fee 10,000 JPY
(Charged for first course only)
Payment must be made one month before the course begins.
*Group discounts are available
Tuition fee 100,000 JPY
(Extension: 50,000 JPY per week)
Fees for cultural activities included,
50% of the fee is due one month before the course starts, the remainder is due upon arrival.
Course materials 2,000 JPY
(Extension: 1,000 JPY per week)
Payment must be made upon arrival.
Accommodations and miscellaneous fees Homestay: from 1,500 JPY per day
Hotel / Private house or room rent: from 3,500 JPY per day
*Shared rooms available
*From 3,500 JPY per day, including breakfast and dinner
Pickup service from Fukuoka, Kumamoto Station, Kumamoto Airport
Insurance: from 3800 JPY per month
Bicycle rental: 300 JPY per day
*Group discounts are available
Pickup service: from 1,000 JPY (if conditions are met)

*Enrollment Fee Exemption: Groups of three or more students applying at the same time will receive an enrollment fee exemption.

Pickup Group Discount: Contact the office for details as the pickup service fee depends on the location.

Applications: Please email your application form two months before the course starts. You must transfer the enrollment and 50% of the tuition fee within one month of our receiving of your admission letter. These fees are non-refundable in the case of cancellation. The remaining balance of the tuition fee must be paid upon arrival.

[Application Process]
1. Students from some countries are required to obtain a visa. Students must consult with their embassy and apply for a visa by themselves if required. A short-term stay visa does not grant a working permit in Japan.
2. Students who have obtained a visa or do not need one must send their application documents by email two months before the course starts.
3. You will receive your admission screening result by email within one week after our receiving of your application.
4. On receipt of the admission letter, please transfer 60,000 JPY (enrollment fee of 10,000 JPY and 50% tuition fee of 50,000 JPY) to the designated bank account by one month before the course starts. The accommodation fee must be paid upon arrival according to the individual accommodation regulations. Please note that our courses are subject to a non-refundable cancellation policy.
5. The remaining balance of the tuition fee must be paid at the school office upon arrival. Students eligible for any discounts or campaigns will be reimbursed then. (Example: Groups of three of more students applying at the same time will receive an exemption of the enrollment fee, meaning they are required to only pay 50,000 JPY instead of 60,000JPY.)
Contact Information
Address: 57-1, Waifu, Kikuchi-city, Kumamoto Prefecture
Telephone: +81 80 9434 1991

Sunday October 28th, 2018